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Windows 11 change default browserSource: Windows Central
After setting up a new device or fresh installation, by default, Windows 11 sets Microsoft Edge as the default browsing experience for the most common links and file types to open this application regardless of any other web browser you may have installed.
While Microsoft Edge is arguably the best browser for Windows users since it’s based on the Chromium engine developed by Google, and it packs a lot of cool features, for example, vertical tabs, collections, extensions, Kids Mode, password monitor, and cross-platform support, many users still prefer other applications like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera — to name a few.
If you want to use another web browser on Windows 11, it’s possible to set it as the new default. The only caveat is that it appears that Microsoft is making it more difficult to change the settings since currently, you need to specify each link and file type the new browser should open by default.
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In this Windows 11 guide, we will walk you through the steps to set your preferred browser as the new default on your device.
To set a new default web browser on Windows 11, use these steps:
Click the Default apps page on the right side.
Default apps pageSource: Windows Central
Select the browser you want to use as the new default on Windows 11. For example, Google Chrome.
Select new default browserSource: Windows Central
Select the Google Chrome option.
Set Chrome as default web browserSource: Windows Central
Repeat steps No. 5, 6, 7, and 8 for these file or link types:
Once you complete the steps, your browser of choice will be the new system default on Windows 11.
Although it appears that this time around is a lot more difficult to make another browser the default, consider that Windows 11 still hasn’t been officially finalized, and the process may change in the final product. For instance, currently, if you open Microsoft Edge on edge://settings/defaultBrowser click the “Make default” button makes the browser the new default without additional steps, but if you click the same option on other browsers, you will only be directed to the “Default apps” page, which might indicate that the extra steps are temporary.
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If your PC somehow does not have trusted platform module (TPM) support through firmware and your UEFI BIOS, we’d recommend checking your motherboard manual for a TPM header. If you have one present, you can try to see if one of these will be compatible to get you ready for Windows 11.
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