Google released a Visual Studio extension for creating gaming apps for Android, targeting C++ developers.
The Android Game Development Extension (AGDE) is part of the new Android Game Development Kit (AGDK), a bundle of new and existing tools and libraries for full-cycle Android game creation: development, optimization, launching and iteration. While it includes C and C++ APIs, most game development is done in C++, which provides a high-performance, close-to-the-metal alternative to stalwart Android programming languages Kotlin and Java.
“The Android Game Development Extension (AGDE) lets you add Android as a target platform in your existing Visual C++ projects, making it easier to write C/C++ games for multiple platforms,” Google said.
With the initial launch of the AGDE, Google said it follows three key tenets
and thus it decided to focus on three areas, guided by developer feedback:
The AGDE Visual Studio tool fits into the integrated workflow area, along with game engine integrations and plugins.
The performance optimization includes GPU profiling/debugging, profiling, performance tuning and guidance, including best practices.
Finally, regarding those C/C++ game libraries, three new ones have been added to existing frame pacing and high-performance audio libraries:
The new kit and Visual Studio extension were announced during the July 12-13 Google for Games Developer Summit, for which more than 20 day 1 videos are available for on-demand viewing. The video for the Visual Studio extension is available here.
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