In one single day, Hectre’s early fruit sizing tool, Spectre, has captured more images than were captured in the entire 2020 New Zealand apple harvest.
“We’re absolutely blown away! When that result came through from our Spectre development team, the entire Hectre team was simply ecstatic,” says Hectre CEO Matty Blomfield.
With Spectre now in use in the US, South Africa, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and North Macedonia, it’s probably no surprise that numbers are climbing drastically as fruit growers and leading packhouses from around the world, line up to get their hands on the popular fruit sizing solution.

The simplicity of use of Hectre’s fruit sizing solution Spectre, is seeing record numbers of images being captured as more and more fruit growers and packers from around the world add Spectre to their technology toolkit
Developed initially for the apple industry, Spectre is a computer vision AI tool which provides fast and accurate fruit sizing information straight from an iPhone or iPad. The simplicity of Spectre has been a key point of difference for Hectre and one that the global fruit industry has responded to. A photo is taken of a bin of fruit, uploaded, and then Spectre delivers the results within seconds, with accuracy levels of 95%+. Fruit types covered by Spectre now include apples, oranges, mandarins and lemons, with modelling for cherries, pears and avocados near completion.
Adds Blomfield, “We’re always listening very carefully to our customers and to industry, and we are continually learning from them. The problems they look to solve with Spectre are ever increasing, and it’s truly rewarding to know that the technology we’re creating is really hitting the mark and making a meaningful difference to their businesses.”
Growers using Spectre are finding the access to early fruit size data invaluable for assessing how well their crews are picking to the sizing brief during harvest. The ability to gain that data in real time as the pick is underway, allows growers to make immediate adjustments for an improved pick. Integrated growers are also sending their Spectre size data through to their packhouse and sales teams, enabling them to get a head start on packhouse planning and sales opportunities. Packhouses using Spectre on receiving are gaining accurate size information as soon as the fruit arrives, providing them with enhanced data for all of their key packhouse decisions including storage, packing and sales, and report significant savings in reduced packing line stoppages.
Now on an extremely strong growth trajectory, Hectre are building out more functionality for both their Orchard Management Software and Spectre, and have recently undertaken a successful recruitment drive to expand their talented team.
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Publication date: Tue 21 Sep 2021

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