Learn to build an app from scratch with these walkthrough videos.
Making apps is a great way to earn a little extra money on the side and flex your creativity muscle. You might, however, feel a little bit intimidated if you don’t have any programming experience or have never attempted to build one before.
No worries, we’ve got you covered. These videos will guide you through building your dream app from scratch.
This walkthrough video shows you how to create an app using Adalo without writing a single line of code. An Instagram-like app is built from scratch that showcases Adalo’s fully inclusive features.
By dragging and dropping, you are able to integrate key components, such as payments, forms, and navigation into your dream application.
Creating dynamic actions such as push notifications, login steps, and permissions are also demonstrated in this video. You will also learn how to create and connect to a database, which is the key feature that sets Adalo apart from its competitors.
If you’re not afraid of getting into the nitty-gritty of coding this video will introduce you to iOS app development. Starting from scratch, the video dives into how to download and use Xcode.
You will then learn how to build app user interfaces with SwiftUI, followed by a deep dive into the basics of the Swift programming language.
App Store workflow is touched upon with an overview on how your app goes from development to being put on the App Store.
By the time you have worked through the 3.5 hour video, you will have developed a fully functional card game app.
AppMySite is aimed at users who want to make an app from an existing online business that uses a WordPress website.
This video shows you how to create an app for both iOS and Android devices without writing a single line of code.
Starting with entering your WordPress domain and naming your app, the video walks you through the entire process of creating an app.
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There is also emphasis on other important processes such as customizing the appearance of your app and connecting it to your WooCommerce site, and you are taught how to troubleshoot and configure user settings for your app.
The video concludes with a demonstration of how to get your app ready for launch on both iOS and Android.
This video is a masterclass on how to develop an app for Android in Java.
The four hour all-in-one tutorial is aimed at beginners and covers the basic concepts and essential coding necessary for developing Android apps.
After learning the Android and Java concepts needed for app development, you are shown how to download the tools required for Android development.
Once you’ve got the basics down, the remainder of the video teaches Java coding concepts for app development.
Glide Apps helps you build an app for a variety of applications including finance, health tracking, and productivity for free (with more extensive features available for a fee).
Glide apps works by turning a Google Sheets spreadsheet into a mobile app interface for Android and iOS devices without any coding required.
The video walks you through the process of building an app starting with a tour of the Glide Apps features and customizing the layout of your app.
More difficult features are also explored, such as conditional columns and creating data filters.
Learning to develop apps is a fun and valuable skill to keep in your arsenal. However, you might not have the time to learn all the concepts and coding required to create an app.
At the end of the day, it is up to you to decide whether you want to learn to code or use one of the tools mentioned in this article to build an app that doesn’t require learning to code.
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