BNB Fintech is a new and innovative financial technology startup centered around cryptocurrency. Their mission is to become the future of face-to-face and point-of-sale cryptocurrency payments, seamlessly integrating cryptocurrency into the average person’s everyday life.
Because cryptocurrency can be daunting to those unfamiliar, BNB Fintech’s goal is to clear the confusion and streamline the process of buying and selling, specifically through BNB Cash, their native token.
To ensure success in every aspect of the company, the team at BNB Fintech has covered all their bases with expertise in finance, IT, design, merchant acquisition, payment systems, customer retention, human resource management, risk management, and project management. The team is also looking to include in-house software developers, marketers, and a legal team.
Peer to Peer Crypto Marketplace
After the initial launch, BNB Fintech will begin development on their peer-to-peer crypto marketplace, where users buy, sell, and trade items in exchange for BNB cash. Think Craigslist (CRGL) and OfferUp. This can be done both online and face to face. For those that have used Poshmark, the tracking system will be similar. Tracking information is integrated into the app to ensure the item has been delivered for online transactions. The buyer then presses a button to confirm that they have received the package within a specific time frame depending on the tracking. Once verified, the funds are released to the seller.
Partner with BNB Fintech
In the future, BNB Fintech will integrate other tokens within the app to serve a broader demographic. The company states that it will vet through projects that wish to partner with them and offer paid ad space within the app for other crypto projects. The process will be stringent to ensure the project is safe, secure, and can be integrated within the marketplace.
Cryptocurrency Wallet
Though other cryptocurrency wallets already exist, BNB Fintech is different in that they will house their developments to have a single access point. The company hopes to partner with Simplex to release BNB Cash debit cards, allowing users to convert its crypto to cash so that consumers can pay for gas, coffee, and anything else daily with a visa or master debit card.
Point of Sale Application
For business owners, BNB Fintech will offer a point of sale application to accept BNB Cash as a currency for online and brick-and-mortar stores. This component of the business has an anticipated launch date by the end of next year.
NFT’s and Community
A complete collection of NFT’s with utility, each NFT will act as a holder’s membership for the marketplace and provide insider access to new features, updates, and more. The first collection will be up within a month.
As cryptocurrency continues to expand rapidly, it is important to make it more accessible to people, and BNB Fintech believes point-of-sale and transaction solutions are a key part of making this currency more accessible.
BNB Fintech is dedicated to building a community of like-minded people who want to bring innovation and out-of-the-box solutions to integrate cryptocurrency into everyday life. Their launchpad presale on Unicrypt (UNCX) will be on October 2nd, 2 pm GMT.
For more information, visit BNB Fintech – The future of cryptocurrency payments, and Telegram: Contact @bnbcashofficial
Image Sourced from Pixabay
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