Material You isn't just a pretty face
Users who frequently tweak their homescreens know the pain of widgets that can’t be edited after they’re placed. (Lookin’ at you, Palabre.) Android 12 has a new system for dealing with it in the Material You interface: the “Reconfigure” button. The API was announced this summer, but we’re starting to see it implemented for a few apps updated to take advantage of Android 12.
The Reconfigure button is a floating action button that appears when you place, move, or resize a widget, allowing you to reconfigure its settings without making other changes (like removing it). While some widgets allowed the user to edit their settings without a removal before, it was custom implementations that had to be made for each app. With the Reconfigure API, developers should have an easy way to let users more complex widget settings.

So far we’ve spotted the Recognfigure FAB on the new Material You widget for Google Drive, but not other notable Google apps with updated widgets, like Keep. At least one third-party developer is on board: the FAB is appearing in the widget for the beta version of Series Guide.
Thanks: Samarth, Armando
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