These online tools will help you create a professional profile picture, perfect for resumes or professional networking sites.
First impressions are important! Many job-seekers fail due to unprofessional or off-putting photos. The internet is full of resources to guide you, but it's easy to get confused. One website tells you to look serious, the other says to make sure you smile. Give eye contact, but not too much—it's easy to get confused!
These apps remove the guesswork and create a photo automatically. Simply plug in a picture and the app will create a professional profile photo out of it!
You can use the following apps to create a professional photo out of a selfie if you need to. But if you choose a photo where your face is visible, well-lit, giving eye contact, and wearing a smile, your results will be even better.
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When you have a photo you're happy with, you can adjust minor issues using a photo editor. GIMP is free image-editing software that you can use to re-touch your profile picture. Photoshop is the uncontested champion, but GIMP works for simple tasks if you don't have access.
Once you're ready to proceed, use one of these sites to transform your photo into the perfect professional profile image.
Profile Pic Maker is a streamlined web app that takes an ordinary photo and crops out the background. This is handy if you can't access a professional photo set. After Profile Pic Maker crops it, you can paste your photo over a different background or pattern.
The app will gently touch up your image, add a bit of contrast, and smooth the outline. You can adjust the color palette, adjust the zoom and crop on your photo, and make other small tweaks, but you'll find that the results don't need much adjustment!
Adobe Spark offers a free-to-use profile picture preset. This preset lets you quickly turn ordinary photos into professional profile pictures. Unlike Profile Pic Maker, it's not fully automated, but it is so easy to use that you can still go from selfie to headshot in just four short steps:
Tweak lighting and more using the Enhancements, Blur, and other options on the right. It might help to move your cutout to the side so you can select the background more easily.
Snappa sets your profile picture up with lots of attractive templates. It's much more simple than the other tools on this list. You can create your profile in four quick steps:
Removing the background is a premium feature. It's only $10 per month though, and the tool is good for graphic design in general, not just profile photos. So it might be worth it for you.
On the other hand, if all you need is one photo, you could just import an image that already has a transparent background. Removing a messy background in Photoshop is simpler than you think.
CVScan's Free Headshot Maker has fewer features, but it's great for a final touch. This software won't cut out backgrounds, but it will crop and resize your photo. Its presets work well on a CV or on a professional profile.
Upload a single photo of your face, and the software will automatically detect your face, making sure it's centered in the frame. It will also apply some light touch-ups and perfectly crop it into either a circle or square. Lastly, select your proportions. The site's preset sizes are perfect for LinkedIn and other professional networking sites.
When you automate your professional profile picture, you free up time to work on your actual CV. With these apps calling the shots, you can relax, confident that your picture will make a great first impression.
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