On Monday, everyone’s favorite purveyor of misinformation about horse drugs suddenly went down. Facebook servers, and their services, including Instagram and WhatsApp, went MIA for several hours before slowly roaring back to life. Jokes, of course, flew wild on the other big dicey social media platform, Twitter. And some of these jokes were about the same subject: that old Jeremy Renner app that was too pure for this world.
this would have never happened on the Jeremy Renner app
— rob trench (@robtrench) October 4, 2021

If you remember, the Marvel actor branched out in a most unusual direction: by establishing his own social media site. Dubbed “the Jeremy Renner of apps” by Ringer, it allowed users to interact, along with plenty of pictures of Hawkeye himself. It lasted over two years before Renner himself pulled the plug after some chuckleheads kept exploiting a strange loophole for yuks.
But though the app — called Jeremy Renner Official on iOS and simply Jeremy Renner on Android — is gone, it’s not forgotten. When Facebook suddenly vanished from the internet, lots and lots of people had the same joke. And that joke was about the Jeremy Renner app.
If anyone needs me I will be on the Jeremy renner official app pic.twitter.com/QNq3m0AFa2
— The Ballsmonster Mash 🎃 (@SteveMerkle9) October 4, 2021

The Jeremy renner app would never let something like this happen pic.twitter.com/VbosA3USlU
— Timothy Olyphant’s publicist (@zo1oft) October 4, 2021

The Jeremy Renner App wouldn’t have done this to us
— Two Ghouls, One Supp (@valhallabckgirl) October 4, 2021

This would have absolutely happened on the Jeremy Renner app but I like any reminders of that thing https://t.co/zdyb3CtD33
— Brooke AC (@unbrokeann) October 4, 2021

the jeremy renner app never had a prolonged global outage
— dan mentos (@DanMentos) October 4, 2021

y’all were torn apart when facebook shut down but where was this energy for the jeremy renner app? pic.twitter.com/qKfAlUFFVl
— thatbxtch (@Thatlbxtch) October 4, 2021

The President has issued an emergency order to reactivate The Jeremy Renner App in this time of social media uncertainty.
— Rob Wesley (@eastwes) October 4, 2021

BREAKING: The Jeremy Renner App is back online after the #InternetShutDown caused problems with WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram!
Millions are downloading the app right now to talk to their friends, their loved ones and most importantly, Jeremy Renner. pic.twitter.com/GY3SsTRWV9
— ً (@shangswilson) October 4, 2021

Don’t cry crocodile tears for Facebook now if you were silent when we lost the Jeremy Renner app pic.twitter.com/ZqgOa2a6Mq
— jack (@jackalexe) October 4, 2021

FYI: the Jeremy Renner app is still up and chat is working perfectly for us Rennerheads.
— Pumpkin Spice Melange (@aboynamedposh) October 4, 2021

After several hours, Facebook gradually came back, to the delight of olds who have no nose for obvious misinformation. It was a bad 24 hours for the social media giant, which also had to suffer the slings fired by a whistleblower, who made public some hair-raising — though hardly surprising — intel about how their algorithms may have helped destroy the world. The Jeremy Renner app never had it so bad.