Creating a slideshow is one of the best ways to bring your photos and memories to life. Here are the best apps to do it.
One of the best ways to relive a memorable moment is to turn event photos into mini-movies. And a slideshow maker app can help you with that.
With these apps, you can turn photos and videos into movies in a few minutes. These apps can let you edit individual images and add text, special effects, transitions, and music to your videos.
Here are the best slideshow maker apps for Android and iOS users.
Among Google Photos’ many features is the ability to make a simple slideshow. The app has easy-to-use editing features, so it won’t take you long to master it and create a decent slideshow.
The beginner-friendly app is made to easily upload and search for photos. It lets you add photos, videos, and music to entire slideshows—you can either choose music from the many theme tracks provided by the app, or add your own.
To create a slideshow, sort photos in an album to get them in the order you want, then create an MP4 video. You can also choose the time each photo stays on the screen, rearrange them, and insert more pics.
Download: Google Photos for Android | iOS (Free)
Movavi Clips is an advanced video editor with the ability to create stunning slideshows with music. The app allows you to enhance slideshows with transitions, unique color filters, and themed stickers.
While the app has a user-friendly interface, some users find it difficult to use a number of its tools. The movie maker app has tools for editing photos, videos, and even slideshows. You can use the tools to crop, apply makeup digitally, retouch pictures, and merge several slideshows into one.
To create a slideshow quickly, upload your photo or video from your device’s gallery. Then cut out any unwanted parts, apply effects, and select the background music you want to use.
Movavi Clips lets you choose a tune from its list of royalty-free music and sounds. Plus, it provides an option to select songs from your device’s memory and even mute the original sound. You can also add custom captions, customize the aspect ratio for your output video, and export HD-quality videos.
Download: Movavi Clips for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)
MoShow is an easy-to-use app that lets you create slideshows that can attract people’s attention on social media. You can it to combine multiple images into a colorful movie that demands attention.
MoShow makes it very easy to create GIFs and looping videos for Instagram and Facebook. It also features vertical or square slideshows that are great for Instagram.
The software has a wide selection of text overlays, mixed transitions, and effects like cinematic glitch, ripple, and brush. The app has image reorder and cropping functions too.
You can use MoShow to quickly create a fun slideshow with music. To do this, just select your photos, pick a style, and preview the output. You can add photos and let the app instantly take care of the rest for you. Save your favorite preview, and easily share it on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.
Download: MoShow for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)
If you’re looking for an app with broad functionality to create long slideshows, then PicPlayPost might be your best bet. The app lets you make slideshows that last up to 30 minutes.
PicPlayPost has numerous features, so mastering it might take some time. The app has many transitions, stickers, filters, effects, and GIF stickers, making it a great choice to create memes.
The app also lets you trim videos and music, and has an option to share high-resolution videos to social networks. You can create slideshows in 1080p and 4K and share them to Google Photos, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.
To make a slideshow, pick your photos, and insert your choice of text, stickers, and transitions. Then add background music and change the layout aspect. You can add voice commentary to your videos if you want.
Don’t have time to do all this manually? Create automated slideshows by placing your photos and videos on layouts. The app has dozens of fully adjustable video and photo collage layouts you can choose from.
Download: PicPlayPost for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)
Scoompa Video is one of the best mobile apps for making highly customizable slideshow videos. You can even customize and edit videos even after saving them.
The app is easy to navigate, thanks to its quick-to-understand gestures. It also supports social media sharing, has a live preview function, and you can use it offline.
Scoompa includes a huge selection of styles, animated video frames, filters, and stickers. You can as well access many text options, including dozens of fonts to choose from.
To make a slideshow, upload your photos and videos to the app. Then enhance it with elements like frames and stickers, overlay captions, filters, and background music.
Scoompa allows you to upload from multiple sources, including your device gallery, Google Photos, and the web. As for the soundtracks, you can import them from online sources or add your own.
Download: Scoompa Video for Android (Free, in-app purchases available)
You don’t always need special design skills or software to create an impressive slideshow video. All you might need is the right app that allows you to stitch photos and videos together.
Slideshow maker apps can help liven your photos by turning them into movies with special effects, transitions, music, and more. Some of these apps provide an option to share your slideshows with your family and friends through different social media platforms.
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