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October 7, 2021 V-cube, Inc.
V-cube provides “V-CUBE Video SDK” to
Fan Community App “Fanicon”
Minimizing development time and operational burden to enable fans
to enjoy both live and recorded video talk
V-cube, Inc. (headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo, president and CEO: Naoaki Mashita, hereinafter “V-cube”) has provided its live streaming, video call and voice call SDK,”V-CUBE Video SDK”, to “Fanicon”, a community-type fan club app developed by THECOO, Inc. (headquartered in Shibuya- ku, Tokyo, representative: Masato Taira, hereinafter “THECOO”).
In “Fanicon”, a video talk function that allows influencers called icons (talents, artists, Youtubers, and Instagrammers) and their fans to talk face-to-face in real time and record it has been developed with the “V-CUBE Video SDK” and is being used by many people. THECOO has evaluated our service as follows. “We were able to implement the video talk function in less than a day and it has been well received by both icons and fans as a function that allows direct communication. By using the “V-CUBE Video SDK”, we were able to minimize the development time and operational burden associated with the video calling function and get the service up and running. It also has a wide range of functions related to video calls and we think it has broadened the direction of our future service development.”
In order to add a video talk function to “Fanicon”, THECOO was looking for a tool that could be developed and operated by a limited number of engineers and that would also allow them to use the service in light of how the function was being used. The “V-CUBE Video SDK”, a live-streaming, video call and voice call SDK, was evaluated for the following points.
A wide variety of APIs and sample codes to support development, making it easy to implement video and audio communication functions.
The operation of the video and audio communication infrastructure is supported by the “V- CUBE Video SDK”, so there is no operational burden.
Pay-as-you-go billing makes it easy to develop communication functions.
V-cube will continue to provide a variety of video communication services to help customers realize the communication DX.
For more information on the case study at THECOO, please click here.
About “V-CUBE Video SDK”
“V-CUBE Video SDK” is a software development kit (SDK) that has the advantage of delivering video and audio at a lower latency and at a larger scale than conventional technologies such as WebRTC and HLS. In addition to minimizing application development time and cost, end users are not limited to communications environments or devices and can use reliably in a low-bandwidth environment of the network without disconnecting.
What is V-cube?
V-cube’s mission is to “Provide Even Opportunity to everybody”. By creating an environment where people can communicate anytime and anywhere, V-cube is working to eliminate the diverse inequalities that arise from time-anddistance-constraints. Through visual communication, we aim to reduce the time and distance between people and interact, resolve social issues such as a declining birthrate, an aging society, long working hours, education and medical disparities, and realize a society in which all people can equally earn opportunities.
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