You can currently download the mobile game “Alphaputt” for iPad or iPhone for free. Not only do you get the 12th most popular family app, but also a visually impressive mini-golf game. Here at NextPit, we will introduce you to Alphaputt and tell you why this free game made our Monday mornings so much sweeter.
Mobile games can be really soothing when they do the following things well: Lovingly drawn graphics, addictive gameplay, and most importantly, good audio design. And all of that, in my opinion, awaits you when you download the iOS app Alphaputt.
Alphaputt combines a classic mini-golf game with an interesting feature. The levels you have to master all represent letters. So, you can teach children the alphabet or compete together with friends. Let’s take a closer look at the game.
Actually, I’m not a fan of video games or mobile games anymore! Back then I used to game a lot, but now I don’t quite see the point in playing for hours on end. However, I was surprised at how much time was suddenly gone when I installed Alphaputt on my iPad on Monday morning. After all, mini golf games are massively addictive, as you just desperately want to hole-in-one the courses.
On top of that, Alphaputt’s developers have come up with some very creative levels to go with each letter. “A” is represented by “Airport” and you’ll be interrupted by a plane taking off and landing while you play golf. “B” is basketball, where balls bounce around the level. This goes on for 30 levels, which do not lose on replayability since you can play with up to 4 players and several different game modes.
You can enter your own words and create an infinite number of golf courses. However, I particularly liked the sound design, which also fits the respective level. The basketballs make satisfying dribbling sounds and your ball sounds like a basketball shoe squeaking across the floor when it bounces. Really cool!
According to the deals website appsliced you normally pay $1.99 for Alphaputt. But, you don’t have to pay this price if you download the game right now, and there’s no pay to win features either. You have to master challenges to unlock the next level.
Details about privacy in the AppStore have not been provided by developer Sennep. Instead, there’s a privacy policy on the homepage and it states that Alphaputt only collects usage data. Since you don’t have to create an account, you don’t enter any personal data when you start. So green light for Alphaputt!
What do you think of the mobile game and do you like the graphics? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

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