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Updated: October 15, 2021 @ 2:47 pm

ANN ARBOR, Mich., Oct. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Isabel Healthcare announced a new agreement with Cooper Health AI to embed Isabel’s AI Symptom Checker/virtual self-triage functionality into the Cooper Personal Health App. Cooper Health AI will integrate the self-triage tool via Isabel’s comprehensive API allowing for a fully white labeled, common user experience.
Cooper Health AI was founded with the vision of making healthcare more accessible to everyone. The Personal Health App is built to improve healthcare efficiency by offering various health tools that assist in managing and controlling chronic health problems. The addition of Isabel’s AI self-triage tool will also support users in understanding their symptoms and assist in getting them to the right care venue with the correct urgency. The addition of the self-triage tool will extend the capabilities of the App and provide value to our users.
“We are excited to partner with Isabel Healthcare to realize our common vision of making healthcare more accessible and available to everyone. At Cooper, we leverage the power of AI to help people manage their health conditions with personalized vital analytics. Isabel’s symptom checker gives our users a unique offering to get better understanding of their symptoms and help them choose the most appropriate level of care. With Isabel’s powerful symptom checker and our vital analytics platform, we believe we can achieve better personal health management.” Said the CEO of Cooper Health AI, Md Moniruzzaman Khan.
Isabel’s unique AI and approach to virtual triage is the only tool that is built on an independently clinically validated, curated machine learning platform. It provides the ability for consumers to enter unlimited symptoms in free text, covers over 6,000 conditions, delivers accurate triage recommendations with just 11 questions, and never forces a patient to self-diagnose. The addition of the symptom checker/self-triage tool for Cooper Health AI App users brings with it Isabel’s 20+ years of clinical experience delivering trusted tools to physicians.
“We share Cooper Health AI’s vision of making healthcare more accessible to everyone,” said Isabel Healthcare CEO Don Bauman. “Embedding Isabel’s symptom checker/self-triage tool via our API will provide Cooper Health AI app users with an accurate and efficient experience for understanding their symptoms and getting care. When someone does not feel well or has a family member ill, they want to access care quickly. They do not want to be forced to answer 40-60 questions, pick symptoms that may not truly describe their experience, or to self-diagnose to get care.”
About Isabel Healthcare
Isabel Healthcare Inc. was founded in 2000 by Jason Maude and is named after Maude’s daughter who almost died after a potentially fatal illness was not recognized. With its unique AI, the curated machine learning engine has been tuned and refined over 20 years. Isabel Healthcare is the global leader in providing tools to support both clinicians and patients in making decisions about diagnosis and where to seek care. Connect with us at, or 734-332-0612
About Cooper Health AI
Cooper Health AI, headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area specializes in developing AI solutions for the healthcare industry. We began to utilize AI to enhance healthcare so that people all over the world have access to affordable and effective treatment. We are enthused to engage in the healthcare sector because we are committed to providing an AI-based software solution to assist individuals in managing and treating chronic health issues, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and general health questions. Following the terrible circumstances caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, we began working on the solutions in mid-2020. We started combining healthcare with AI technology to develop and test the technological solution for the healthcare app and serve people with the most convenient healthcare and medical diagnostics solutions. Connect with us at, or 408-518-0482
Media Contact
Don Bauman, Isabel Healthcare, Inc., 7343320612, [email protected]
Twitter, LinkedIn
SOURCE Isabel Healthcare, Inc.

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