Artificial intelligence is one of the biggest trends in the app development industry. AI is slowly pouring into every routine activity of ours whether it’s education, production, medicine, or economics through mobile apps. Here is how to use artificial intelligence in mobile apps.
Artificial intelligence in the mobile app is one such technological innovation which is emerging in recent times. The mobile app has not left any nuances to integrate as their trending feature and AI is gaining much popularity
Here is the global market revenue of artificial intelligence prediction reports according to the research of Statista.
The market for AI is in a very good position and is about to boom high in the upcoming years. The stats clearly show it. This is one of the major factors why top mobile application development agencies are upgrading their skillset and their apps and equipping them with AI developers and AI-enabled apps.
There are numerous reasons why AI is becoming people’s favorite. It offers benefits to tech giants and local users.
One of the interesting things about AI is machine learning. Machine learning comes in great use for technologies like forecasting or voice synthesis, automotive, aerospace, financial market like real estate valuation, mortgage, credit counseling, and military use like recognition of signals, images, and autopilot.
All of these functions are easily carried out by neural networks. Neural networks or what we popularly call Machine learning are present and used by all of us in our day today.
Here are some of the common uses of machine learning:
Also, Google and Microsoft both have upgraded their translation apps with neural networks. They have released new AI-powered offline language translator apps for iOS and Android.
Neural network algorithms have proved to be more effective and availed users with offline working capability.
When machine learning and natural language processing are combined, it offers a realistic interaction based on the user’s likes. Based on the users likes, technology can study user behavior and their pattern to provide them with exactly what they are looking for.
Having this feature in the mobile app will give users a very personalized experience.
Netflix is one of the popular apps which have integrated this feature to track and collect their user’s data. Based on this data, they give content recommendations to them. Mobile app users definitely like getting what they want without having to search for it.
The conversational UI feature is a great addition for better communication. It offers the liberty of interacting with computers on human terms. Speech recognition is not a very new concept but the conversational user interface makes communication robust.
Generally, management and finance apps integrate this technology and interact with their users through voice or text messaging. The AI technology also analyzes payments, balances, spending, and most probably to give the best financial recommendations to the users.
For improving productivity, this is one of the important AI technologies to install in the mobile app. The best example to fit this scenario is Uber.
Uber, a taxi booking app is using automated reasoning to get the nearest route to drop the users to their destination faster. The automated reasoning collects data from all the cab drivers who have taken trips to a similar route and know from the trips.
It’s really boring and frustrating to do the same tasks repeatedly at the job. Well, with AI these monotonous tasks get completed easily and quickly. Doing the same tasks repeatedly kills creativity and wastes time and resources.
When Artificial intelligence enters in such tasks, users have time to invest their time to do something innovative and solve some real-time issues.
Artificial intelligence is one of the best ways to get speedy output with accuracy and perfection. The chances of mistakes are lesser in every sector where AI is implemented. A small numerical error can make a huge disaster. With AI, such errors get solved and
One of the most popular AI technologies used in mobile applications of the voice control system is speech recognition. Take an example of Siri and Cortana, they decode and convert human speech into a format that a computer understands.
Plenty of mobile app development companies integrate this functionality into their apps and make it compatible with the latest AI trends.
This Artificial intelligence feature is of great use when it comes to developing business apps. It helps the companies to interact with people who fill the feedback form or inquire about the company while visiting it.
Chatbots are the virtual assistant for the company answering user’s questions. Popular companies having virtual assistants include Apple, Amazon, Artificial solutions, Google, IBM, creative virtual, Microsoft, satisfy, and many more.
If you are looking to develop an app for customer service, natural language technology is the apt AI technology to integrate. Apps for creating reports and market reviews need this AI technology into their mobile apps
It is one of the most popular AI technologies integrated into the majority of the apps. For corporate, having an app with machine learning is very important.
The machine learning technology is extremely useful for classification and forecast. So, if your business involves forecasts, having an ML-based app helps a lot.
Biometrics is an AI technology that identifies, analyzes, and measures human behavior. It can recognize the physical aspects, structure, shape, and size of the human body.
The biometric AI technology also knows the voice, gesture control, and sensory recognition. Biometrics is mostly used in marketing and research.
AI provides another interesting technology that allows reading human emotions from their face. The emotion recognition tech uses advanced image processing or audio data for emotion recognition. This allows capturing human senses with voice intonation and subtle speech signals. This technology is extremely popular among startups.
Image recognition is a great addition to mobile app development. Image recognition technology depends on the process of detecting any object in a digital image or a video. This technology also identifies license plates, analyzes clients to check users by their face, and diagnoses diseases.
This is also called natural language processing which allows the user to find all the relevant information you need in the news, search engines, and structure solid texts. At present this technology applies in the fraud detection system and security.
You need to decide the AI technology or feature you want in your application. Here are some of the ways you can integrate AI in a mobile app.
Artificial intelligence has paved its way in app development. It is not going anywhere anytime soon. So, if you are going to develop a new app, you better equip it with artificial intelligence.
It is the best way to get new users and keep the existing users engaged. It tracks user behavior and entails them with a personalized experience.
1) What are the best AI features to have in an app?
Here is the list of trending AI features to have in a mobile app:
2) Why should you integrate AI in mobile app development?
One of the best reasons to combine AI in mobile apps is because they track user behavior and show relevant suggestions based on the collected data. Every app requires a loyal user base to be successful and AI helps in achieving that.
3) Which are the best AI apps? 
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