Padlet is a flexible, user-friendly app that you can use for almost anything.
If you're new to Padlet, you might wonder what you can do with this handy app. Padlet is a free pin-board style application, and it comes with a range of templates and features to create virtually whatever you want.
To get started with some inspiration, let's have a look at some ways you can use Padlet to its potential.
When you're starting a new blog, one thing you need to consider is what host-site you want to use. Padlet has an easy-to-use template called Stream, which stacks your posts in a top-to-bottom feed, and you can create an unlimited number of entries.
You can upload images, videos, voice notes, and links. Plus, you can embed YouTube videos and Spotify files, if your intended blog requires these features. When creating a new post by clicking the Plus sign on your Padlet, select the Ellipses image to bring up the full range of upload choices.
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You can even use your own domain, by clicking the Cog settings icon from the main screen and scrolling down the Modify toolbar to Map a domain. From there, just follow the on-screen instructions.
There are many to-do list applications out there, but the downside is that they all have their own structure and limitations. Padlet allows you to create a to-do list in the style you want and attach files such as Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations.
If you want to prioritize your tasks using the MoSCoW method, Padlet's Shelf template is perfect to get you started. Simply create your headings by clicking Add section, then click the Plus sign underneath each section for your tasks.
The Wall, Grid, and Shelf are also excellent options for creating a standard list, or you can get creative and design it how you like.
The Timeline template enables you to map out your projects along a dynamic timeline and lets you drag the pins to any point on the line. Simply click the pink Plus sign in the bottom-right corner of your screen to make your pins, or you can click the Plus signs on the line itself.
On each of your pins, you can select the Ellipses to do the following:
If at any point you need to showcase the timeline, you can click Share in the top-right of your screen, and send the link via any of the on-screen choices, or Export it as a file.
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Sending company updates and information out over e-mail often gets lost in your recipient's inbox, and can mean you get inundated with replies. You can streamline this process by using Padlet as a notice or feedback board so that everything stays in one place.
As mentioned, you can Share your Padlet with anyone, and because they won't need to create an account to access it, Padlet is ideal for a wide audience. To make your board interactive, click the settings Cog and enable Comments or Reactions from other viewers, which you can moderate by selecting Require Approval on the same menu.
One of the most exciting aspects of traveling is planning what you're going to do while you're there. Whether you're visiting multiple cities or escaping to paradise, Padlet can help you plot your trip with the Map template.
In the Modify toolbar, under Appearance, you can pick from 11 different Map styles that will change its design and colors to give it an authentic feel. This template also provides standard map tools in the bottom-right corner of your screen, including Zoom functions (+ and ), a List tool that lists your locations next to the map, and Reset viewpoint.
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When you click the pink Plus sign, you type in the Location you'll be visiting, and write your itinerary in the description box, so your plans and ideas are stored in the pin. You can also Share it with your travel buddies and give them permission to make additions to it.
The best thing about using Padlet for designing your meal plan is that you can draw it all out on the desktop application, and then take it on the go with the Padlet mobile app. This means you'll have your list of ingredients at hand while at the shop, and you can cook your meals no matter where you are.
Simply create your pin, add an image, and write the recipe instructions into the Description, and click Publish. The best Padlet templates for this are:
Your family and friends can also add their own ideas, or say what their favorites were, by enabling Comments.
Padlet is a great app to use for creating a reading list, or even establishing a book club landing site.
For a reading list, the best Padlet templates are Wall, Grid, Shelf or Steam, as they permit you to create new pins for each book you want to read or have read. You might even want to write a review once you've finished the book, by clicking Ellipses > Edit post and typing your views.
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For a book club site, Padlet's share function can facilitate discussions amongst group attenders and post-mini-reviews from each person. Using the Reactions feature, your club members can rate their favorite books, as well.
Padlet's free membership gives you access to many features that you can use to host any of your interests and ideas on. The greatest thing about the application is the fact it is so user-friendly and already has the tools you need to personalize your board.
Padlet's free version gives you up to three separate padlets, so if you need a to-do list and want to make a reading list, you can view it all from your dashboard. Get creative and see if Padlet has what you need.
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