In this blog, we have shortlisted the top prank apps according to their features, popularity, and usability. Having these apps on your phone will not only make you more entertaining but will also help you in making fun memories with your friends and family.

Pick your favorite character and record something in this best prank calls app to share with your friends. Moreover, you can also pick a prank call from the library and send it to your friends to prank them. This best prank call app is free to use but includes a few premium features as well.

Before you decide to prank your friends with this one of the funny pranks apps, make sure it does not scare them too much. The app lets you choose a ghost and while your friend will be browsing the phone, the ghost appears with a loud sound to scare the user. This scary prank app is a delight for pranksters who love to prank others. 

This app includes some of the best pranks to pull due to its voice changer technology. The app is pretty simple to use and lets you make calls even internationally. Moreover, you can manipulate your voice in real-time to make it sound different from your actual one.

As the name suggests, this one of the best free prank apps is used to make siren sounds and display lights. The stunning graphics release visual effects that make the siren look realistic. All you need to do is to tap the button to start the siren at any moment.

Crack Your Screen Prank is a simple app that stimulates the crack pattern on the screen of your smartphone. You can either trigger it by shaking the phone or manually with one tap from the app. Moreover, the app also comes with a timer that activates the crack screen effect on the time set. 

As the name gives it away, the app pretends to turn your smartphone into a taser gun. The app is only available for iOS devices. This one of the best pranks apps includes taser effect visuals and sounds. Moreover, the device shown in the app also comes with multiple skins that you can choose from.

If you ever wondered how to prank someone well, then this app is your answer. The scary prank app includes a fake sensor that pretends as if it has detected a ghost. You can convince your friends of a paranormal presence through this fake ghost sensor app. The sensor effect looks unbelievably real that one might easily fall for it.

This Android exclusive best prank message app is a perfect tool to scare your friends. You can pretend to be a cop and send messages to your friends automatically. The timer included in the app can make your prank better. You can type the message and set the timer and pretend in front of your friends as if you do not have your phone. When they receive the automated message that you had set, it is going to scare them so badly.

As the name gives it away already, the app includes multiple kinds of pranks. You can either go for the screen crack prank or choose a lie detector to have fun with. Moreover, the app is entirely free to use but available only for Android devices.

The app has been used to send over 200 million prank calls until now. This best prank call app is free to use but also comes with a few pro features for the paid subscription. You can pick a topic you prefer and send the prank call to your friends. The app will let you know their reactions so you can laugh out loud.
To conclude, these best pranking apps are a perfect kit of entertainment and fun. Moreover, we have shortlisted these apps after reviewing them to make sure that you get the best option to pick. 
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