Let’s begin in 1889, back when you went out to find food and not the other way around – unless you were royalty. King Umberto of Italy lived in Naples, where he had grown tired of what his group of chefs whipped up in the kitchen. The king heard of a local chef and tavern-owner called Raffaele Esposito and got him to prepare a meal for them. But there was a catch: Raffaele also had to bring the meal to the king.  
A lot has changed since Raffaele made the first food delivery in recorded history. Online food ordering and delivery platforms are as common as the smartphones they’re downloaded on. Ordering online seems like a straightforward process: Open the app, pick your meal, checkout. But there are ways to maximise the food delivery process.
Schedule Your Delivery
The online ordering process usually follows a certain pattern. It’s almost midday and you realise your lunchbreak is approaching. You remember that you didn’t pack lunch, so the only other option is to order takeaways. There’s just one problem: You’re already hungry. Now you have to wait for the restaurant to prepare your meal, then wait a little longer for the driver to fetch your order and deliver it to you. There’s a simple solution – schedule your delivery. If you know you’re going to have takeaways at some point in the day, order early and schedule your delivery for your lunch break. The restaurant will prepare it and dispatch a driver so that your food is on your plate whenever you want it.

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Order Directly from the Restaurant
Let’s say you’re in the mood for real flame-grilled flavour. Chances are, you’ll want to use a third-party delivery app to get your favourite Steers® meal delivered to you. But you can actually save yourself some time and money by ordering directly from Steers. You can download the app and have your favourite flame-grilled meal delivered from a Steers® near you. Alternatively, you can head to https://app.steers.co.za/ to make an order.
Look for Deals
What’s the one thing that’s guaranteed to happen whenever you walk into a store? It’s simple: You’re going to see deals and discounts you knew nothing about. Think of a website or delivery app as an online store. Whenever you pop in to order something, you’re likely to find out about the discounts on offer. Case in point, Steers® has a ton of exclusive online-only deals. Head to their website or download their app to stay in the loop. There’s more to your delivery app than the convenience of not having to cook. Explore your delivery apps a bit more and you’ll realise just how much you’re missing out on.
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