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The greatness of the pro camera features in Google Pixel 6 devices are tested in this TikTok video using a Magic Eraser.
According to Phone Arena, in Google’s first time in phone-making history, the Google Pixel 6 Pro smartphone specs sheet includes a modern camera package.
Fans get a primary 50MP sensor, most likely a bespoke Sony IMX700-series sensor like Huawei’s P50 Pro, a 12MP ultra-wide-angle sensor, and a gorgeous 48MP sensor with 4x periscope zoom lens on top. 
That’s the first time Google has used such a huge main sensor and a zoom camera on a Pixel.
The Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro are also the first phones to be released with Google’s proprietary Tensor chipset, which contains two large X1 cores as well as dedicated image and AI algorithm processing cores, rather than just one like the Snapdragon 888.
Upon testing, Google’s Tensor chipset has been discovered that it scored extremely well in the GPU part, indicating that it has been tuned for graphics processing and computational photography.
Furthermore, to demonstrate the new Pixel 6 Pro camera features enabled by the Tensor chipset, Google introduced a tool called Magic Eraser, which can magically remove photobombing items.
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It’s easy to understand how the Magic Eraser performs. It can do quick, automatic changes to images using software and AI magic to erase unwanted elements in our photos.
The Google Pixel 6‘s Magic Eraser tool is one of the phone’s many unique software powers. It’s designed to remove annoying background elements from an otherwise perfect shot, and it’s surprisingly easy to use.
Passers-by will vanish and photograph bombers will be neutralized and erased after a few touches on Google Photos, but your background should appear flawless.
It’s an effect that might have been created with a separate photo editing tool, but the fact that it can be done so quickly in your regular photo app is a huge plus for less tech-savvy people.
Select a photo from the Photos app or tap on the photo reel in the camera app.
To use the Magic Eraser, go to Edit > Tools > Magic Eraser.
If you want Eraser to designate objects for deletion, select the Suggestions option.
To mark an object for manual erasure, smudge or draw a circle around it.
Save a copy by tapping Done.
However, according to Tom’s Guide, Google claims that Magic Eraser works best on background components, so it’s possible that Magic Eraser isn’t the ideal technique to remove people from an otherwise beautiful photo.
The Magic Eraser on the Google Pixel 6 has admittedly limited capabilities when it comes to deleting objects outside of the “Suggestions” algorithm. For photos with complex backgrounds, the results will be a little bit less impressive.
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