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Discord is definitely one of the best apps for voice communication available today. Thanks to super-optimized sound compression, it’s able to provide an uninterrupted, high-quality voice chat even when streaming resource-heavy video games.
Discord works via virtual servers, which route the communication directly between the chat participants. Although it might sound complex, it’s actually pretty easy to set up your own Discord server. Regardless of the platform you might be using, this article will explain the process, step by step.
Making a Discord server is almost the same for all popular platforms. You can use it on a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer, as well as on iOS or Android mobile devices. What’s more, you can even use it through an Internet browser by accessing the Discord web app.
The process usually involves the following steps:
Of course, certain steps will differ slightly from platform to platform, so the following sections will delve deeper into what each platform requires.
To use Discord on a Windows or Mac computer, you can either use its web app via a browser or download and install the desktop app. Once you set up Discord, the process of making your first server will be the same, regardless of the app version you’re using.
To create a Discord server using the web app, follow these steps:
As you can see, it’s possible to create a server without even creating a Discord account. Of course, if you plan on using it in the future, it’s best to claim your server and keep all the settings you’ve just made.
If you want to use the Discord desktop app, the process is slightly different from the one explained above:
To make a Discord server on Android, you need to install the Discord mobile app on your mobile device from Google Play.
And that’s it. Your new Discord server is ready.
Creating a Discord server on iPhone or any other iOS device is pretty similar to how it’s done on Android.
For anyone using a Chromebook, there are two ways to create a Discord server:
When using a Chromebook, the experience is much better with the web app. The Android app is made for mobile devices, and the interface can get clunky when using it on a laptop.
Discord servers are as public as you want them to be. At the start, no one can join your server unless you or someone else has invited them by sharing the server’s link. If you post your Discord server’s link publicly on a website or anywhere on social media, it will have a public perception.
However, if you want to create a truly public server that anyone can access without using a link, you’ll have to enable the “Community” option. Be aware that it will take some time before your server actually becomes public, as Discord has strict guidelines you’ll have to fulfill first.
Making a Discord server private is pretty easy.
This way, only the people you personally add to the server will have access. If you want, you can also further tweak their access permissions by assigning them to a new rule you can create.
We’ve included some more information to answer your questions in this section.

According to Discord, you can create 100 servers per account. That’s a lot of Discord servers!

The general rule of thumb is to start with the following structure:
# rules
# announcements
# new members
# lobby
# off-topic
# Voice
# topic_1
# topic_2
# topic_3
# mod_chat
# mod_log

Once you become familiar with Discord, you can further customize the channels list.

Yes, Discord servers are free.

Please refer to the sections above for the device type you’re planning to use for Discord.

To set roles in Discord, follow the steps below:
• Right-click on the server’s icon from the menu on the left.

• Click “Server Settings.”

• Click “Roles” from the menu on the left.

• Click the “+” icon next to the “Roles” section on the upper left corner of the main screen.

• A new role will appear, so give it a name and customize it as you wish.

There may come a time when you’re ready to delete a Discord server. While the process is pretty straightforward, you may want to check out this article to relinquish the throne to another user or leave a server you created first.

If you’re ready to delete your server, do this:

1. Open Discord, click on the server you’d like to delete, then click on the arrow icon in the upper left-hand corner.

2. Click on Server Settings.

3. Click on Delete Server at the bottom of the menu on the left.

4. Type your server’s name and click Delete Server.

5. Let Discord know why you decided to delete your server.

That’s all there is to it! Remember, when you delete a server, it is gone forever, along with all messages and data.
Now that you know how to create a Discord server, it’s time to add your friends and start conversations. Using the voice channels on your server, you can get the full benefits of Discord, which are much better than other apps, such as Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, etc.
Have you managed to create your Discord server? Which platform do you use it on? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.
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