We take credit cards pretty seriously around here. In fact, most everyone has a profound respect for revolving unsecured credit. That’s why we watch it so very closely.
In this latest edition of PYMNTS’ Provider Ranking of Credit Card Apps, a normally placid ranking populated by the biggest names in credit, is replaced by a shifting landscape of players — many you see here regularly and a couple that have never charted — making a dynamic ride for all.
So as not to borrow too much of your time (at an exorbitant interest rate), let’s rank and roll.
The Top Five
As we often say, once they get to the very top of the charts, some apps just stay there.
Take Capital One Mobile, taking its usual seat at No. 1.
Same for Chase Mobile at No. 2, where it’s been these many months.
Then, a massive change. Moving up two chart positions to take the No. 3 spot this cycle is Discover Mobile, which has steadily climbed this ranking in a successful bid for top three status.
Also moving up is Credit One Bank Mobile, gaining one chart position to take No. 4.
Dropping two spots to land at No. 5 is Bank of America Mobile Banking, sticking to that top five.
The Top 10
Moving right along, Wells Fargo Mobile tumbles two chart positions, exiting the top five this cycle. Somehow we don’t see it lasting — as The Beatles said, “tomorrow never knows.”
Also falling — one chart position in this case — is the American Express app, now at No. 7.
Big doings as the Barclays US app enters the top 10 at No. 8 in a single bound. Nicely done.
In a Provider Ranking of Credit Card Apps marked by changes, the reliable MySynchrony app drops two spots to alight at No. 9 this time out. This app has staying power, though.
Taking us out on a tied score, we’ve got a familiar name and new entrant.
In a month marked by several downward adjustments, the Cards — Mobile Wallet app also falls two chart positions to land at No. 10. There it’s joined this cycle by a newcomer, the Mission Lane mobile app, tying for No. 10 in a most provocative credit card app ranking.
We’re kind of glad it’s over. Too much excitement makes us overspend.

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