• Users on Android beta version are getting a new banner promoting the new offer. The banner says ‘Give cash, get 51 back.’

WhatsApp is offering a new incentive for users to move to its platform for payments. The Meta-owned instant messaging platform is offering 51 cashback to select users. The new offer is currently being offered only for Android beta testers. 
Users on Android beta version are getting a new banner promoting the new offer.  The banner says “Give cash, get 51 back.” It is expected that WhatsApp will roll out the offer to stable users soon. 
How does the cashback offer work
WhatsApp has not set any minimum amount for the offer. What this means is that even users who make a payment of Re 1 will be eligible for the cashback of 51. 
While there is no minimum amount prescribed for the offer, the user will only get a cashback five times. This means, in total, the user will be able to achieve 255 in cashback using this offer. 
WhatsApp has not put many restrictions on the offer. However, the user will have to send money to five different accounts in order to avail it. The money will be instantly credited to the users account after an eligible payment is made. 
WhatsApp plans to take on its competitors like Google Pay with the new offer. In the initial days after the launch, Google had released similar rewards for its users. The company offered scratch cards that could provide cashback of up to 1000. The company gradually moved out of the cashback model and now offers discounts and coupons on certain services.   
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