Searching for a reliable and robust alternative to Power BI? We’ve compiled a list of the best tools.
You need to use a trustworthy data analytics and business intelligence tool to ensure a powerful position in today's highly competitive market. While Power BI is a popular data analytics platform, you might want to use one of its alternatives for various reasons.
Hence, it’s essential to compare its alternatives in terms of features and support to choose the right one for your business. Look no further, as this article will enlist top tools you can use in place of Power BI.
Sisense is a business intelligence software that offers AI-driven analytics solutions to companies. This cloud-based platform lets enterprises get powerful data insights. By using this tool, users can make better business decisions and come up with workable strategies by analyzing information.
Here, you can amalgamate all the necessary data in visually appealing and interactive dashboards. It also has an interface with the drag-and-drop feature from which you can share valuable insights with your colleagues, clients, and business partners.
You can also connect this tool with any data source using complex data mashups of its ElastiCube interface. It’s perfectly suitable for large datasets and offers customization for different user levels.
Zoho Analytics is a self-service BI tool that lets you create a dashboard for analyzing and visualizing data. This platform is easy to set up and implement. Therefore, you need to spend the least time and effort to use it.
While helping you monitor real-time performance, it also lets you track your goals, metrics, and trends. It has a spreadsheet-like interface and intuitive reports designer with a drag-and-drop feature. Both small and large enterprises use this platform to design a data-driven ecosystem across the company.
You can embed it within an app, product, website, or portal and share the reports privately. With its data blending feature, it generates cross-functional reports by collecting data from several sources. It also has a formula engine that you can use to build formulae for various statistical functions.
Oracle Analytics Cloud is a platform that provides both data automation and intelligence to support data culture in any organization. By streamlining all the preparations and data sources of a company, it allows you to access and utilize real-time data insights.
This self-service, all-in-one BI solution offers features like mobile analytics, data visualization, and enterprise reporting. You can utilize it to identify opportunities and threats for your business and predict the trends accurately. It supports ML and statistical models to transform and perform data analytics.
This cloud-based platform is capable enough to perform all stages of data analysis. These include data ingestion, data preparation, modeling, visualization, and collaboration. While using this tool, you can be sure of your data security and privacy.
Reveal as a powerful Power BI alternative business analytics tool that you can use to make the best of the available data. This platform lets you analyze their data and design catchy visualizations for quick and informed decision-making.
Apart from this, the tool works as an embedded analytics platform that system integrators and independent software vendors can use. You can integrate this tool into your current application portfolio for immediate results.
Thanks to its multi-device support feature, you can access real-time data anywhere, anytime, and make data-backed decisions. End-users can create, edit, and share the dashboard, which reduces the dependencies on the vendor side.
You can use this platform to work with on-premise SQL databases, local spreadsheets, and cloud services. It also supports integration with Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, Dropbox, and other tools.
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Looker is primarily a data-discovery application that also performs data analysis. With a web-based interactive interface, this platform is here to get rid of data bottlenecks. Besides supporting open API integrations, it helps you to make business decisions with various powerful features.
Data analysis becomes easy with this tool as it uses LookML—a new modular database query language. Once you connect it with your database, it adopts your business logic and generates a data model using your schema.
In order to define a field, the app lets you add many field parameters including, dimensions, measures, and template filters.
IBM Cognos Analytics is the BI tool from the house of IBM. Be it discovery or predictive analysis—this tool alone can perform all steps of an analytics cycle.
AI-assisted data preparation is a highlighted feature of this platform that enables you to collect data from various data sources and combine them into a neat dashboard. You get to control your data as this tool protects your sensitive information from unauthorized access and data hacking.
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Ideal for startups, this app supports integration with various databases and addresses multiple queries within a single report. is a self-service data analytics tool anyone can use without any difficulty. It’s popular for its versatile features and simple setup steps. You can easily connect it with data sources and start exploring the data.
One can ask complex ad hoc questions here using the no-code Query Builder. It has an interactive diagram for viewing database schema that updates automatically. You can create any number of dashboards through data filter and customization features.
Sharing dashboards with collaborators using URLs, email, Slack, or other apps becomes easy and secure. Ideal for the marketplace and SaaS startups, this tool supports encrypted connections to SQL databases and data warehouses.
Google Data Studio is a free online platform for data analytics that transforms your data into tailored dashboards and reports. Being a part of Google Marketing Platform, this tool lets you explore data to make better decisions.
Some noteworthy features of the app are built-in data connectors, intuitive dashboards, robust data visualization, and appealing reports. This tool also allows you to make new metrics and dimensions using custom formulae. You can also combine functions to convert data into values.
It offers customizable report templates to save your time, while its comparison functions let you keep track of the changes over time. The tool is compatible with various native and partner-developed connectors including, Google Analytics, Google Ads, MySQL, YouTube, Facebook Ads, etc.
Just like every business has particular business intelligence requirements, you'll find many Power BI alternatives that come with different specialized features.
By going through the list of apps given here, you can learn about the distinct features of each app. You can also present the BI data of your organization using a sophisticated presentation tool.
Prezi offers some impressive features that can help you create compelling presentations. Here are some of them!
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