According to KIRO FM radio in Seattle and AM 770 KTTH, there will soon be a new 'tool' that can allow a vaccinated person in WA state to quickly 'beep' their way into restaurants and other venues closed off to the 'unvaccinated.'
The Washington State Department of Health is moving ahead with its new 'verification tool,' which will reportedly provide digital 'proof' of vaccination status. Perhaps part of the reason for this is the state fears widespread fraud with 'fake' cards which seem to be popping up all over the country?
Reminds us of when Obamacare was rolled out and the massive issues experienced by users with the state's website. Crashes, errors, and millions of dollars later, it finally began to work. And have you forgotten the contact tracing program from 2020, which cost the state millions before quietly facing away into financial oblivion? It too, required a digital app.  Thud.
According to KIRO, this is how the program works:
"That proof of vaccination will be provided in the form of a unique QR code, after users fill in their name, date of birth, and contact information, as well as a four-digit PIN. The code can then be saved to the Apple Health app for iPhone users, and to Google Pay for those with Android devices.: (
The new program apparently will be called WA Verify.  But it's not operational after briefly being up Thursday. Sound familiar? Obamcare website years ago?
This is what visitors saw when taking a look at this new vaccine verification site:
State officials and Inslee hinted at this in his press conference on Thursday, Oct. 28th, that they're closely 'monitoring' how King County does with its restaurant-concert-public event vaccine requirements, to see if it might go statewide.
In other words, if the coercion results in increased vaccination rates, it could be expanded. Inslee has said repeatedly, in various ways, that when workers (those under the vax mandate umbrella) had a chance to step back and "re-evaluate" the situation and "re-consider" things, they choose to get vaccinated.  What he really meant was, when they considered they would lose their job and career unless they abandoned a personal medical decision, they chose not to destroy their lives.
Here are a few ways to make yourself healthier, without any help from the state or anyone else.