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Hello and welcome to Daily Crunch for November 3, 2021. What a day! Despite the U.S. Federal Reserve announcing a slowdown to its bond-buying program, stocks went up again. It’s heads-you-win, tails-you’re-still-in stock market lately. Economy not good enough for tightening? Stocks go up on a comfortable central-banking environment. Economy good enough for tightening? Stocks go up on good economic news. Sure. I suppose it’s good news for startups looking to exit. — Alex
We are nowhere near achieving parity or representation when it comes to startup funding, but the gender gap is narrowing, according to PitchBook data.
Funding for U.S.-based, female-founded startups nearly doubled in the last year: So far in 2021, women-led companies have closed 2,661 deals worth $40.4 billion.
“Thus far in 2021, the backsliding has more than stopped,” report Natasha Mascarenhas and Alex Wilhelm. “Indeed, it has shot the other direction.”
Female founders are making a buzzing, venture-backed comeback

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Before we dive into general Big Tech news, please enjoy this dive into the biggest of technology news, namely growth in the cloud. You know, that remote data center where all your software actually runs.

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Image Credits: SEAN GLADWELL / Getty Images

Image Credits: SEAN GLADWELL / Getty Images
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