Your nighttime habits don’t always relate to things like skincare and settling in for a Netflix binge before heading off to bed. What you are doing or neglecting to do with your tech devices can play a role in how they continue to run. It’s a really good idea to get into the habit of charging your phone at certain times of the day and setting it up for success at night so that it’s ready to power through the entire next day. But you could also be making a few very common errors. This is the one nighttime mistake every iPhone user should stop making because it drains your battery so fast. 
It may seem like a logical next step. You open an app, you use it, and then you close it out because the assumption is that keeping it running only causes your battery power to dwindle down more quickly. But that isn’t always the case, says Aqsa Tabassam, CTO and head of Growth & Outreach at Apps UK. Closing your apps before bed so that you start fresh and new the next day is one of the worst things you can do to your iPhone. 
“When you close an app and open it when needed, it sucks up battery life from your iPhone,” Tabassam says. “Opening an app previously closed would mean that the app would have to run its background settings from the beginning, causing battery life to drain.”

According to Tabassam, the apps in the carousel aren’t running; when an app is in the carousel, it means that it has been temporarily frozen by iOS. “I would recommend you only close the app when it’s either frozen or completely unresponsive,” Tabassam says. “You would notice improved performance in your phone over time.”

While you are getting into the habit of leaving your apps as they are, do not forget: It isn’t necessary to charge your phone the entire night. Instead, periodical charging sessions that keep your device between 30 and 80 percent are all that is needed to ensure its battery stays boosted and ready to go. 
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