Salt Lake City — GuideCX®, the premier client onboarding software, has announced a new partnership with txtsmarter, a state-of-the-art text, and social media message archiving system. GuideCX will help simplify the once-labor-intensive onboarding process for txtsmarter customers as it expands its reach nationwide. Not only that, but GuideCX onboarded the company in record time – less than 24 hours after initially meeting at this year’s SaaStr conference.
Designed for inviting, guiding, and engaging internal and customer teams in a transparent process, GuideCX offers significant features enhancing the new customer experience and the ability to reduce time to value, both growing needs of txtsmarter. As a communications surveillance service, txtsmarter captures all conversations in real-time from ever-evolving platforms – including iMessage, Android, WhatsApp, WeChat/WeCom, and more – making the need to scale quickly with its customers through efficient onboarding essential.
“Txtsmarter is growing at such a high rate that transparency and accountability during the onboarding process are a must for their customers,” says Peter Ord, founder and CEO of GuideCX. “Their one-day onboarding has set a new level for GuideCX as we continue to perfect our process and show people everywhere why our technology can make all the difference for their businesses moving forward.”
“The responsiveness and professionalism of the GuideCX team is exemplary; they made sure resources were at our disposal, greatly assisted in the process of template creation and helped us at every turn,” says Sabine Zimmerhansl, head of compliance at txtsmarter. “Their template-driven approach has built-in flexibility, allowing us to streamline onboarding while retaining the ability to adjust where and when necessary.”
The record onboarding also signifies a promising future for GuideCX, which was just awarded an astonishing 14 badges this fall by G2, the world’s top B2B services and review website. With current customer retention at an all-time high and the ignition of new partnerships, like that of txtsmarter, GuideCX continues its recognition as the top client onboarding platform in the nation. For more information on GuideCX, visit
GuideCX® is a client onboarding and project management platform that keeps your clients at the center of every project by providing complete visibility into the work. Invite everyone to the project – internal resources, customer teams, and third-party vendors. Guide each step and stay on track with automated tasks, reminders, and updates. Engage teams by enabling them to interact with the project in the way they prefer. They can complete tasks, view status, send updates, make notes, and more – through the portal, the mobile app, or email. GuideCX helps you deliver projects faster with fewer issues and accelerate time to value for your customers. For more information, visit
txtsmarter – Intelligent Compliance™, based in San Mateo, California, is a communications surveillance service for messaging and social platforms – including Apple iMessage, Android SMS/MMS, WhatsApp, and WeChat/WeCom – to capture, encrypt and archive previously inaccessible data in real-time, mitigating compliance and communication data leaks for highly regulated industries. For more information, go to