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If you’re not new to Instagram, you may have seen some great influencers using cool templates on their Instagram stories. Their stories consist of a collage of photos and videos with stylish fonts and borders. Instagram story template apps are like guacamole to tacos. AKA make things better. Basically, Instagram story templates are pre-made layouts with graphics, animation, and sometimes color.
Brands often use Instagram story templates to create a compatible aesthetic in their stories. By doing this, the brand experience is expanded to the Story reel. And subtle inclusions of brand fonts, logos, and colors help build familiarity and trust with a brand.
Animoto, as the name suggests, is an application that offers animated story templates in video formats. The application offers preset templates to work with or you can choose to use all available resources and start from scratch. The app could even be used by digital marketers for social blogging, etc.
With Animoto, administrators can add brand logos, watermarks, text or background colors on videos and adjust their duration as well as the aspect ratio according to requirements. Administrators can trim, upload, and rearrange media files in a drag-and-drop interface and use the search function to filter and retrieve songs based on genres or moods. Staff members can select built-in templates to create various types of videos for personal presentation, greetings, product launches, testimonials, tutorials, narratives, brand promotions, slideshows, graduation messages, portfolios, and more.
It also has pre-made templates like Product Launch, Fashion Blog, Social Blog, and Property Listings, plus a simple template to start your design from scratch. Templates are designed to give your story an advertising look in most cases. The added feature here is the background music. for which the application even has its own music library to choose from from an impressive collection.
With a wide selection of layouts, Easil’s Instagram story templates are quite impressive. What we like best about Easil is that they offer multi-page story templates. So you can customize each one to match your client’s brand and have a number of templates to use over and over again.
The free version of Easil includes over 2500 templates to play with, but if you feel like splashing around, the platform’s branding kit feature is great: it lets you store your color palette, logos, branding images, and fonts in one place to appear. their elegant templates. There’s also a helpful collaboration feature, so you can combine a story with a teammate if you need an extra hand.
Mojo’s specialty is Animated Stories – put your photos or videos in one of its dynamic templates and customize the timing, music, and text effects for an attention-grabbing message. New templates and styles are added every month.
Create amazing Insta Stories, TikTok reels, and social media posts with the best social content creation app, mojo. It has over 400 unique animated templates, original text styles, background music, and much more.
Make your posts distinctive with great templates for any occasion and motive, from fashion, fitness, photography, and more. More than 20 million people already use mojo and make use of our amazing Insta story editing features. Influencers, content creators, small businesses and e-shops already trust us.
Although I have been calling the apps above easy, this is even easier. The stories app is specially designed for work and therefore does exactly what is required of it, nothing less, nothing more.
The app has some basic but very useful animated erasers where you can just have to swap the images and insert text, if any, and voila. Since it is made especially for Instagram stories, it has its own set of action icons, such as the most widely used ‘swipe up’ GIF. You can complete the whole story down to the last inch in this app.
Not specifically a story creator or template, but yeah, one of these guys had to be on the list. Panoram helps you to perfectly place a panoramic image in a story or upload multiple files by dividing it into several parts. Depending on the size of your file, the application may suggest that you divide the image into three to five parts where the image is cut so precisely that it would appear that the image is in continuation when you pass it on.
Panoram is currently an iOS-only app at the moment. As the name suggests, Panoram will take a panoramic photo and divide it into three separate frames that can then be uploaded to Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat so that they can be viewed as a single image when viewers tap into your feeds. Photo cropping is done directly in the app using a basic overlay.
The app itself isn’t too special, but its approach of doing one thing right makes it a good app to have when needed. There is currently no option for additional frames, so don’t count on using ultrawide panoramas.
A mobile video maker designed with Instagram in mind, that’s the first impression it makes on you. The name ‘PicPlayPost’ itself suggests that it is a video creator that allows you to directly post the created file on social media.
So whatever comes to your mind in mini movie editing software, you have it right here at your fingertips. The text, stickers and filters are just an outline, here you can do voiceovers, reorder video files, edit, trim, split and other things. You can save an unfinished project and restart from where you left off if it’s long. Once you are done, you can save the file or even share it directly to any platform.
Using PicPlayPost is simple. First, choose a frame design from the dozens on offer. Then select your photos, videos, or GIFs. Scan them, spin them, select some music to go along with them, and you’re on your way. There is also a full set of filters so you can change the look of any individual frame in your collage. Videos can be set to repeat endlessly, stop after playing, or play in sequence. The same goes for GIF animations. There are trimming controls for music and videos, and videos are played at up to 30fps. The application also allows you to create GIFs from a series of photos.
If you think Canva is a bit fiddly to use, Posters is a toned version. It is a great tool for people who have a business account on Instagram. There are many templates such as product preview, product quote, and watermark. If you’re stuck anywhere, you can navigate through the tutorial section (YouTube) from within the app. You can also browse various templates that are grouped based on format such as story, post, photo + text, photo + header, photo grid, etc.
If you love dividing your images, there’s also the Giant Square Photo Grid option, so you don’t have to download an additional app. Besides that, you can also find basic editing features like changing background, text, sticker, and GIF support.
This is not an Insta story template generator per se. However, if your feed is filled with a lot of collage images, this could give you a breath of fresh air. No need to manually crop and adjust images. Because it is an official Instagram app, you don’t need to worry about compatibility or quality issues.
You can simply choose any image from your gallery or click instantly with the built-in Photo Booth feature. Then you have to choose the design that you prefer. The app makes editing easy by using drag and drop gestures to swap images, mirror and flip options to change the look of your post.
This is a simple feature that works with up to six photos. Previously, you would have to use a third-party app or a hack (copy a photo from a gallery and paste it into a text box) to achieve the same effect. Now, it can be done without leaving Instagram and with a few simple taps.
Spark Post is a template application from Adobe. That makes the introduction really easy as it is self explanatory. But is it? The application can be as confusing for some people as it is useful for others. It has an extensive list of templates under various headings with additional editing options.
On the home screen of the app, you will see various templates under various headings such as Collages, Seasonal, Lifestyle, Business, School, Travel, Food, and Craft. Tap on any template to explore more options and click ‘mix this template’ to mix between other alignment options. Other editing options include Layout, Palette, Size, Layout, and Effects. You can choose to save your work to local memory or share it directly to Instagram or Facebook.
Adobe Spark Post is a fun, fast, and easy way to create great-looking graphics. This free program allows teachers and students to create amazing images without any prior design experience. It is also available as an app for iPads and Chromebooks, making it a very accessible tool for the classroom.
StoryArt is another app specially designed for creating stories for social media, but it requires a bit more effort than others on the list. Although the list of templates and animations is extensive in this application, most of them are locked and can only be used by users of the premium version.
StoryArt will offer you some creative illustrations for each page of your story. You can choose a collage with multiple layouts, or you can choose a layout with text templates. Only here, the texts are not random, but complement the design of the template. The app even goes one step further and gives you multiple options for a cover photo of your story, which again is custom designed and available for almost all types.

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