Square has launched the Square Photo Studio app, which allows online sellers to take high-quality product photos from a mobile device and sync them to a Square item catalog or online store, according to a Wednesday (Nov. 17) press release.
Retail merchants told Square that 94% of their first orders included product images, compared to 11% sold for the first time without an image, the release stated.
The Square Photo Studio app provides prompts to take photos, automatically isolates the item from the background and allows users to pick stylized scenes that include new backgrounds, shadows and colors, according to the release.
Sellers can connect those images to items in their Square catalogs or create a new item and start selling. Anyone with a product to sell can snap a photo, style that photo and sell with a Square Online Checkout link, the release stated.
“It’s no secret that products with professional-looking photos perform better than those without,” said Square head of eCommerce David Rusenko in the release. “Unfortunately, the cost, skill set, and labor involved with taking those photos was often prohibitive. Now, with Square Photo Studio, sellers can give their items the look of a professional photo studio shoot from the comfort of their home, the office, or on the go.”
The Square Photo Studio app is available in the Apple App Store.
Meanwhile, global card issuing platform Marqeta has teamed up with Square to give Canadian small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) access to the Square Card, which helps SMB owners with financial management and cash flow handling.
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Marqeta and Square first launched Square Card two years ago across the U.S. as an expense card for SMBs. It gave owners the ability to get their earnings right away with no extra fees. Before Square Card came to the Great White North, Canadian sellers had to wait until the next business day to get their money.

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