If you love the Web but hate some of its foibles, this might be for you.
StopTheMadness, a web browser extension developed by Jeff Johnson (formerly of Rogue Amoeba Software) works to fix annoying web site behavior such as pop ups, autoplay videos, privacy invasion tools, etc. The extension works in Safari on iOS and iPadOS, and in all major web browsers on macOS, including Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, and any other Chromium-based web browser, such as Microsoft Edge, Brave, and Vivaldi.
StopTheMadness is also sold separately on both the iOS App Store, where it retails for $7.99, and Mac App Store, where it retails for $9.99.
If you’ve had a chance to try StopTheMadness, please let us know about your experience in the comments.
Via Underpass App Company, the App Store, and the Mac App Store
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