Even when everyone’s working from home, you still need the best presentation software. This is especially true when you often conduct meetings with your team members or clients. You need the right tools to make it easier to get your point across. Visual aids were necessary then, and they’re important now, especially because of the lack of face-to-face interaction.
Microsoft PowerPoint isn’t the only presentation app anymore. You can find so many alternatives with features you can’t find in this classic Microsoft Office tool. If you don’t check those, you might be missing out on nifty features. That’s why we’ll help you pick by showing our recommendations.

Before anything else, we’ll need to emphasize just how important it is to choose the right presentation software. Afterward, we’ll show you our list of the best presentation tools and explain each one. The right programs alone won’t be enough, so we’ll provide tips on how to ace your next online presentation.
This is a person using a presentation software.
Some of our readers might be tired of talking about COVID, but it’s still spreading. Europe was already going through a new wave at writing, and the United States may be next.
You probably live in a place that’s already starting to recover, but many people will still keep their remote jobs. Even if you go back to the office, you will still have to present online.
However, having the right tools is more important in this type of presentation. Your audience will only see you in a limited window, so your actions will be restricted in that space.
The best presentation software can provide the right visual aids to get your point across. Yours should be able to provide the following:


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You shouldn’t just stick to PowerPoint, even if it has been the staple for everyone worldwide. We now have so many PowerPoint alternatives that are better in certain aspects.
The world is going through a digital transformation by adopting new technologies. If you want to adopt, you’re going to have to do the same.
Check out our recommendations for the best presentation software. We didn’t rank each one since each is best for certain functions.
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This is probably the PowerPoint alternative closest to the original because even the interface is similar. Why would you pick this over the MS tool, though?
Google Slides is free if you have a Google account. What’s more, you get other tools along with it, such as the cloud-based file storage Google Drive and MS Word alternative Google Docs.
What’s more, you can easily create presentations with other people. Click the Share button to send a permission link to your coworkers. This will allow them to edit the file even while you’re using it.
If that’s not enough, you can pay for the business plans. These will add features that help employees work together, such as attendance tracking.
The downside is that it just serves as a free version of PowerPoint. That’s already a huge plus, but it doesn’t offer much more than that.
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Remember what we said about how your presentation software should make it easier to report in an online meeting? Prezi Video lets you interact with the visuals during a live video call!
The app puts your visual aids on your viewing window so that people can see them near you. Even better, you could point to certain parts, and it will move or show a special effect.
Most people know Prezi as the presentation software that doesn’t use slides. Instead, they blend like a video, so they look more impressive.
This has a free version similar to Google Slides, but you may pay $10 a month for the Plus plan. Of course, it has its drawbacks too, and for example, it’s hard to convert into a PDF.
Turning it into this format lets you easily share printed slides. What’s more, you’ll need the Prezi app to view presentations. The file sizes are big too, so that it may lag on some computers.
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We can’t stress enough how important it is for businesses to catch up to digital trends. If you have a small business, your new tools may be a mish-mash of various tools.
It’s worse when your team presents to clients or other businesses. They may use formats that don’t go well with the brand image you’re building.
Fortunately, Canva can make sure your team uses the same brand presentation. This helps your company have a specific identity, and it also has a free and paid version.
Like Prezi, you can only share, edit, or export your presentation without your Canva account. Worse, you cannot do any of these if the web page is down.
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Some people aren’t tech-savvy, so they have trouble with presentation software. The features can be confusing, and it’s hard to put all the graphics and info together in one slideshow.
Fortunately, Beautiful.ai deals with this issue by providing intuitive templates. Just drag the elements you need, and the app will place them at the right portion of the slide.

The app has beautiful slides like its namesake, so you don’t give up quality for convenience. Similar to the other entries, this has a free and paid version.
Some people find the templates to be limiting, though. You may have to do more edits so your slides look a certain way. Otherwise, this is a great choice for making slideshows quickly.
This is a presentation area.
Presentations are more than just preparing the best slide decks, and you must prepare the other aspects such as your environment and attire:
You must prepare for your audience members too. Similar to a face-to-face presentation, gestures, tone, cadence, and body language are still important.
Use all these to get your point across. Try to report as if you’re telling a story for better results. People like them, and it helps them follow your subject.

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You may use these apps for free, so there’s no reason not to try them, at least. Perhaps you’ll find a great feature that takes your presentation to the next level!
Note that there are other promising desktop apps, such as Zoho Show. If our presentation software list doesn’t have what you need, you can go to other websites.
Don’t forget to practice, even if you’re just presenting in front of a screen. It may feel jarring if you’re used to face-to-face reporting.
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