Did you have an idea that the average person spends almost 4 hours on smartphones?
As per the sources, 90% of shoppers spend their time on smartphones. Hence, every investor is looking for a mindless scroll into hard and cold cash from the best online earning app.
Here we have rounded the 10 best Android apps for money-making that can assist in earning cash by different strategies. It includes cashback for online purchases, investment in the spare change, and payment for the opinions, etc.
Top 10 Money Making Apps for Android platform:-
This is one of the best Android apps for money-making yet impressively disparate when compared to Amazon and eBay. This earning application is a magnificent spot to purchase and sell high-quality and unique handmade products. Even though these items are a bit on the costlier end, you will not find them elsewhere. 
The creators of Etsy have not restricted themselves to anything.
Coincidentally, entrepreneurs from any niche can sell their unique products. These types of money-making apps for Android phones permit you to offer solutions for requests, shops, etc. The entrepreneurs can even talk with the shoppers and attend to the inquiry and messages. In short, Etsy is one of those top money-making apps that can meet the demands of peculiar users. 
Now there are plenty of creators, tinkers, and artists among us and this best-earning app is meant for those. As far, the makers have been highly praised for introducing this best Android app for money-making. At Etsy, user can sell their crafts and arts easily. You can find plenty of stuff here and these are all crafted virtually handmade. The retail owners can sell the product of their choice. And the best way to be artistically inclined and to earn a few bucks. This earning application can assist them to do it. 
2.  Ipsos
Ipsos is another best-earning app that is based in France. As per the sources, this earning application is the top-most consumer research company. With Survey Junkie and Swagbucks, the user can easily join the program for free. 
These kinds of money-making apps for Android phones can help users to earn money. The users need to take paid surveys. The users vote for this as the best money-making apps because it gives free products for insights and feedback. It has proved to as a fun way for the users to try new products and things.
3.  Survey Junkie 
They are the leading market research companies and have established late in-app games. Survey Junkie has released its app in 2019. They have over 10 million members and are highly rated by users. This earning application has an exceptional score on the leading platforms like Trustpilot. 
4.  Swagbucks
Another best-earning app for Android phones. Even though these top money-making apps take down the survey. But it tops the list because it has numerous tasks that help the user to make money. 
The user has to watch the video, play games, or get cashback for online shopping. There are plenty of tasks that make this best-earning app quick to learn. 
5.  eBay
This is one of the prominent money-making apps for Android phones that turn the stuff into actual money. There might be plenty of people who might have many kinds of stuff that would be worth investing in. eBay is the best online earning app that can actually help the user to convert into actual money. 
You can easily list your stuff on the listing. People can purchase and the product is shipped out. The user can sell whatever they want in this best-earning app. Right from electronic items to clothes, the user can bag everything on this single platform. 
If you are an investor for stuff then it is advised to sell larger items locally.  The fact is it is quite challenging for shipping. But otherwise, this is the best place where the investors can sell their stuff without any tiff. It is definitely the most recognizable and the best Android app for money-making. 
6.  Amazon seller
One of the leading and largest retailers all across the globe. Amazon is a handy app that can help users to get whatever they wish for with just a few clicks. This is the best Android app for money-making that can help you clear your warehouse. 
The investor has to pay  $0.99 for the items they sell every time. Now, this is the best-earning app and worth investing in a subscription plan worth $39.99 per month for selling plenty of products. It gives you an upper hand to omit the $0.99. Whatever might be the case but this is the best online earning app. Amazon in fact holds the place right up with prominent platforms when it comes to money-making apps for Android phones. 
7.  Paypal
It is yet another powerful platform when it is about money-making apps for Android phones. This platform has earned eminence because of the best earning app, eBay. You can literally employ this platform for your online business. It accepts payments to run any business virtually. 
You can use this best online earning app to manage sales, payments, and invoices from any website. There is yet another app with the same name but it is specifically meant for small business entrepreneurs. 
8.  Square Point of Sale 
Square Point of Sale, the best Android app for money-making helps you accept payments from a credit card. You will require a device that needs to be plugged into your smartphone. Once you are connected you can easily swipe the card and accept the money.
Using this earning application, you can sell whatever you want. Like the other leading money-making apps for Android phones like Paypal, this app won’t have any money by itself. You must analyze and research the willing users. This best-earning app is quick and free to download. 
9.  Surveys on the Go
One of the exquisite money-making apps for Android phones that helps the user to earn money when they complete the surveys. Unlike any other top money-making apps, you get to earn cash in place of Google Opinion Rewards or points. 
However, this is the best opportunity for those who love to make extra money from here and there. This best-earning app is blandly designed but it is very easy to operate. It is one of the best online earning apps as long as you do not expect to travel to the moon.
10.  YouTube
These kinds of money-making apps for Android phones are a decent source to earn passive income. You can make your videos on any unique and creative ideas and earn a decent audience.
You can earn a good audience by showing the right consistency and content. It can be quite competitive and tough and requires lots of creativity. 
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