Pixelmator Pro 2.3 has been released bringing a new AI-powered automatic background removal feature, automatic subject selection, a new Select and Mask tool, and more.

Pixelmator Pro is an incredibly powerful, beautiful, and easy-to-use image editor designed exclusively for Mac. With over 50 image editing tools, Pixelmator Pro has everything you need to edit photos, draw illustrations, create designs, paint digital paintings, and be creative in just about any way you can imagine. Designed to be the ultimate Mac app, Pixelmator Pro has won multiple awards, including the Mac App of the Year awarded by Apple, and is one of the best-rated apps on the Mac App Store.

Pixelmator Pro Gets AI-powered Automatic Background Removal, Automatic Subject Selection, More

What’s New In This Version:
Pixelmator Pro 2.3 Abracadabra brings AI-powered automatic background removal, automatic subject selection, a Select & Mask tool for making advanced selections, and much more.

Magic Background Eraser
• Use the new Remove Background feature to automatically remove the background from any image with just a click.
• Find this new feature in the Pixelmator Pro toolbar, the Edit menu, by pressing the Shift-Backspace keyboard shortcut, by pressing and holding the Command key when dragging and dropping images into Pixelmator Pro documents, as a Quick Action in the Finder, and when Control-clicking image layers in the Layers sidebar.

Select Subject
• The new Select Subject feature lets you automatically select the subject of any image – also with just a click.
• Note that this feature works especially well on macOS 12 and devices powered by the M1 chip.

Select and Mask Tool
• Thanks to the new Select and Mask tool, you can now make advanced selections of challenging image areas – like hair or fur – with ease.
• In the Select and Mask tool, you’ll find a redesigned Smart Refine feature that turns rough selections into accurate ones automatically.
• When using the Select and Mask tool, you’ll also find a Refine Edge Brush that intelligently makes accurate selections of edge areas.
• To see your selection in more detail, you can try different selection overlays, like On Red, On White, or Black and White.
• Once you’ve refined your selection, choose to output it to a selection, a mask, a new layer, or a new layer with a mask.
• In addition to the Select and Mask tool for refining and creating selections, we’ve added a Refine Mask tool for refining and creating masks.
• Find this tool in Format > Mask > Refine Mask or by Control-clicking masked layers in the Layers sidebar.

Decontaminate Colors
• Use the Decontaminate Colors feature to remove any traces of the previous background from the edges of objects.
• When removing backgrounds, colors are decontaminated automatically, but you’ll also find this feature in Format > Image.

Other Improvements
• The Pixelmator Pro actions in the Shortcuts app have been updated to be able to remove backgrounds and create subject masks from any image (not just portrait images).
• The Remove Background, Select Subject, Smart Refine, and Decontaminate Colors features are now scriptable with AppleScript.
• The Export dialog now features an option to export images at custom sizes and scale factors.
• The last-used export location will now be remembered app-wide rather than for each document.

You can purchase Pixelmator Pro from the App Store for $19.99.

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Pixelmator Pro Gets AI-powered Automatic Background Removal, Automatic Subject Selection, More


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