According to Lisa, who shared the video on Tiktok, she started saving in her piggy bank from January through December and only opened it a few days ago.
The excited lady who had saved enough cash urged people to save their money come 2022.
She also said that she wants people to get inspired by her achievement, and do the same next year
Watch the video below;

Reacting to the video, one user named Playthepianos wrote; ”I wish her more grace. Sometimes, to save for piggy bank dey make sense pass normal banks because all these banks are there to make money off you and not to secure your money. If to say na bank now, they for don remove money for ATM maintenance fees, bank maintenance fees etc. But this woman get mind oh, she come show the public. shocked.”
Another user wrote; Fortune wrote; ‘This is not necessary, you are just trying to intimidate others. Anyway kudos. Go and enjoy your money’
She saves only mint 1000 naira notes, i don’t believe it’ Another user asked.
Nigerian Lady Narrates How Money She Was Saving In A Piggy Bank Mysteriously Disappear
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