Calculate Oxygen Demand, time remaining remaining and oxygen requirements for hospitals and standalone devices
ATLANTA (PRWEB) January 10, 2022
Oxygen Planner, a free and multi-featured mobile app designed to help medical professionals and hospitals estimate oxygen requirements for oxygen cylinders, liquid oxygen or oxygen concentrators is now completely updated in both the Apple's App Store and Google Play Store. The completely free app has been used by hundreds of users in 70 countries during the COVID 19 pandemic for hospitals, ambulances and makeshift medical facilities.
The Oxygen Planner Mobile App, available on both iPhones and Android devices, is designed to help medical professionals and hospitals estimate daily oxygen demand, remaining cylinder time, and oxygen requirements for oxygen cylinders, liquid oxygen or oxygen concentrators. The app provides vital information on time remaining for the current oxygen cylinder in use, which is particularly critical during ambulance transportation. A quick tip sheet and user manual describing its use and the details of the update is also available and attached to this release.
Throughout the world, planned medical oxygen availability is vital for both hospitals, ambulances and individuals undergoing home life support treatment. This need has been increased by the COVID 19 pandemic. For many devices, such as anesthesia machines, High Flow Oxygen Therapy (HFOT) equipment or ventilators, the daily oxygen usage cannot be easily calculated. Using Oxygen Planner, hospital administrators and technicians can select various usage parameters and the number of oxygen delivery devices in use to quickly and accurately calculate the current total oxygen demand of their hospital. Users of standalone oxygen delivery devices can easily calculate the daily requirement whether at home or in a healthcare facility. The app can also be used to calculate the oxygen demand of an entire city or township to assist proper planning of the oxygen distribution system.
Surabhi Sharma, an Application Specialist who works with many hospitals and healthcare professionals, says, “This app has been very useful for patients undergoing home care treatment during the current pandemic (to know how long their oxygen will last) and many healthcare professionals in different areas like hospital administration such as doctors (anesthesiologist, neonatologist) etc.”
Oxygen Planner has been built as a service to the community during the pandemic and is offered completely free of charge in both the Apple's App Store and Google Play Store. The goal for the app was to reduce the burden of healthcare workers in hospitals and makeshift COVID treatment centers by providing a free and easy way to calculate daily oxygen demand and other essential calculations. To this date, several hundred users in more than 70 countries across all continents (with large numbers from the United States and India) are benefiting from Oxygen Planner.
Biswarup Ghosh, former head of Head of the Healthcare Division at Linde India, a company that is involved in oxygen production and distribution, says, “I came across the Oxygen planner App and studied it’s features in depth. It is very useful for small and large hospitals in forecasting their daily requirements fairly accurately. It will help in better management of oxygen availability especially in times of supply crisis like the recent Covid waves. Appreciate having this socially useful app free of cost.”
Key Features of Completely Updated Oxygen Planner App

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