WeVideo makes video editing easy for everyone, regardless of your level of skill.
From YouTube to Spotify, videos have become the dominant means of relaying information. The rise of visual media presents an enormous opportunity that anybody can capitalize on.
But most people, including businesses, aren’t producing videos, even if they want to. Among the many reasons, a steep learning curve and the hardware-intensive nature of video production are the biggest factors holding people back from giving it a go.
WeVideo aims to make video creation accessible to everyone, regardless of the skill level and hardware availability.
Let’s see how.
WeVideo is a cloud-based video editing platform. You don’t download and install it. WeVideo lives on the web, so it is always available to you.
Because WeVideo is cloud-based, you don’t need powerful hardware to run it. Access to capable hardware is a major limiting factor when it comes to content creation. By taking hardware out of the picture, WeVideo makes sure that no matter how old or new your device is, you can create content that you want.
WeVideo targets a wide user demographic. From students to professionals and leading content creators, WeVideo makes it easy for you to produce videos. For instance, if you want to make a video project but don’t know any editing, you can use the built-in templates.
Built-in templates allow you to turn around videos much faster and cheaper than the conventional method. So, whether you are a social media manager looking to produce affordable video ads, a budding YouTube creator, or simply want to record a quick video message or share a video memory with friends and family, just choose the template from the hundreds available for free and customize it.
Furthermore, WeVideo has over a million examples of commercially licensed stock footage, music, and photos. If you are tight on budget, using the provided stock photos and videos can save you a lot of money.
If you want more creative control, WeVideo supports the standard timeline interface with the options for using green screen, overlay effects, audio, and video recording. While WeVideo’s templates are great, the ability to produce a video from scratch, using a standard editing environment gives professionals much more control over the end product.
Put simply, WeVideo is easy to learn and use. From students and amateur streamers to prosumers and professional video makers, anyone can use it to make projects worth sharing. And because WeVideo is available for Windows, macOS, ChromeOS, Android, and iOS, you can use it on any device, at any time.
WeVideo is packed full of features for all levels of video creators. For instance, if you just want to create a TikTok video, you can create vertical videos right from the home screen. The same goes for horizontal and square videos.
Support for high-resolution videos is a must for any modern video creator. Unsurprisingly, WeVideo supports videos up to 4K UltraHD. You can cut, split, merge, and overlay effects on 4K videos without any slowdowns.
Processing 4K footage puts incredible strain on the hardware, but because WeVideo is cloud-based, you to edit UltraHD videos even if your computer isn’t capable enough.
Additionally, WeVideo supports background removal using the Chroma key tool. This allows you to use green screen videos to overlay effects and different backgrounds.
WeVideo also ships with 70 professionally pre-made Motion Titles. You can use these Motion Titles to design your own videos in any format.
Screen recordings are a must-have feature in a post-pandemic world and WeVideo delivers here as well. From inside the app, you can record and stream your screen.
WeVideo also processes audio. Through the website, you can change the audio level of these recordings and even increase the volume by 5x.
If you don’t want to make professional videos but are more interested in memes, you’ll be happy to know that WeVideo comes with a GIF creator. Using this feature, you can create GIFs from existing videos or can make brand new ones.
Polish your videos with fully customizable motion titles, which allow you to easily change the font, color and speed to tailor professional-quality animations for your video.
And when you are done making videos and recording screens, you can upload them directly to sites like YouTube, Facebook, Google Drive, and more in a variety of formats. WeVideo allows you to create a video once, then repurpose it for as many platforms as you need with one-click publishing.
You can store all of your footage in the cloud without any restrictions on storage space or time. Couple this with the ability to share your projects and collaborate with others, and you can imagine how hosting large video files on the cloud would come in handy.
If we were to sum up everything that WeVideo offers in a few words, “simple to use, easier on the wallet” would be our answer.
First, WeVideo has a minimal learning curve thanks to the addition of templates. For people that find traditional video editors hard to use, this is a breath of fresh air.
Second, if you want to test drive the editor before buying, there is a free version with limited functionality. And when you are ready to move on to the full version, it only costs $4.99/month for an annual Power Plan subscription. Frankly, for this price, WeVideo might be one of the best multi-media solutions out there.
Better yet, as an MUO reader, you are entitled to a 15 percent discount code if you are a new user. Just click on the link to get started.
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