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Wordle is taking social media by storm thanks to its ease of access, simple premise, and unique social media hook. But, while all your friends may be celebrating their consistent wins or close guesses on Twitter, not everyone can be a wordsmith when it comes to random five-letter words. In this guide, we outline the basics of Wordle and list 20 amazing starter words to use. If that doesn’t help, we’ve also got some additional tips and even two separate answer lists worth perusing.
One of the best things about Wordle that’s propelled the game’s viral nature is how easy it is to access. Unlike most word games that require an app download, Wordle can be played on any web browser simply by going to the Wordle website.
Once you get there you’ll be shown these rules.
To make a guess, all you do is type your desired word using the on-screen keyboard and hit enter. The letters of the word will display in the above-listed colors as you continue to guess.
Once you’ve finished guessing, you can see the record of your guesses and have the option to share your results on social media if you wish. The daily word refreshes each day at 12 a.m. local time, so come back for another game within 24 hours if your first guess doesn’t work out.
Before getting specific with various word lists that may help you solve any number of daily words, let’s start with a few generalized tips that may point you in the right direction without being too overt.
Everyone has their favorite starter words, but here are 20 popular choices we’ve seen based on algorithms, the above-listed tips, and verified effectiveness.
As you can see, most of these words have plurals and lots of vowels. No single word can get you to the daily word every single time, but these 20 words are very good suggestions.
If you really want to be an evil person and check out the list of around 2,000 potential answers for today’s Wordle, you can do so by clicking these two links courtesy of Andrew Taylor.
The first list features answers for the normal mode that most players are enjoying, while a second list exists for Hard Mode answers. Hard Mode can be accessed via the settings cog in the right-hand corner of the screen. While in Hard Mode, all revealed hints have to be used in subsequent guesses, making it much tougher to figure out missing parts of the word.


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